Abandoned Communities ..... Woodend
Today there is a field of grass where Woodend once lay.  You can get to it on foot by following the Severn Way.

If coming by car you will enter the village of Awre and then turn right down Woodend Lane.

The field and other large sections of the Awre promontory are owned by Chris Cadogan. As well as being a busy farmer Chris continues the tradition of putcher fishing. My last visit to Woodend, in January 2007, took place outside the salmon fishing season. The putchers had been removed from the weir and were stored on the bank.

Younger members of the Cadogan family can sometimes be seen riding quad bikes in the Woodend field.

Go to the Red Hart Inn and you will be served an excellent lunch. A gentle stroll around the village may then be called for. It should certainly include a visit to St Andrew’s church and its graveyard.

Your appreciation of the church and graveyard will be enhanced if you use a booklet, A History of the Parish Church, available just inside the entrance.
The shore at Woodend, looking south
View across the estuary, with quad bike in foreground