Abandoned Communities ..... Auld Burnside
Elizabeth Moir was born in Burnside of Dun around 1834. Having been brought up in the hamlet she left in her late teens or early twenties. Later she worked as a nurse in Edinburgh and in England. I do not know whether she went back to visit Burnside or based this poem on her memories. Auld Homer is another resident of Burnside, Homer Cruikshank (1791-1881).

The Auld Burnside, Parish of Dun

I see again my Mither's hoose
And clean white-washed fireside
For all I ever kent o' hame
Was at the Burnside.

I see auld Homer noddin' past
His pirn creel by his side
For loom and shuttle ance went fast
About the Burnside.

But whaur are a' the weavers noo
Wha worked the hale day lang,
The beam and shuttle blithely drew
Wi' mony a joke and sang?

And whaur are a' the laddies noo ―
They're scattered far and wide
Who ran and dooket in the Burn
Just at the Burnside?

But whaur are a' the old folks gane
Wha mony a year did bide?
Their dust rests in the auld kirkyard
Quite near the Burnside.

There's naething left to mark the place
But ae hoose on Dunside
And the bonne burnie rini' past
The dear auld Burnside.

Elizabeth Moir